Minutes of 2006 IARA Delegates Meeting



During IAC 2006 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


Place: The Chief Justice Courtroom, Courtroom 430, Landmark Center

Time:  Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 12:40-14:00





Chiu-sen Wang               CAART           cswang@ntu.edu.tw (delegate)

Secretary General:

Kaarle Hämeri                 FAAR             kaarle.hameri@helsinki.fi (delegate)


Alan Cussens                  AS                   (not delegate)


Phil Hopke                       AAAR             hopkepk@clarkson.edu (delegate)

David Pui                         AAAR             dyhpui@umn.edu (delegate)

Susanne Hering              AAAR             susanne@aerosols.us (delegate)

Erik Swietlicki                  NOSA             erik.swietlicki@nuclear.lu.se (delegate)

Denis Boulaud                 ASFERA        denis.boulaud@irsn.fr (delegate)

Evelyne Gehin                 ASFERA        gehin@umv-paris12.fr (delegate)

Veli-Matti Kerminen        FAAR             veli-matti.kerminen@fmi.fi (delegate)

Charles Clement             AS                   charles.f.clement@btinternet.com (delegate)

James Clark                    AS                   dclark@biral.com (delegate)

Chuen-Jinn Tsai              CAART           cjtsai@mail.nctu.edu.tw (delegate)

Helmuth Horvath  GAeF              helmuth.horvath@univie.ac.at (delegate)

Michael Shapiro              IAAR               mersm01@technion.ac.il (delegate)

Chaim Gutfinger              IAAR               gutfinge@tx.technion.ac.il

Mansoo CHOI                  KAPAR          mchoi@snu.ac.kr (delegate)

Sang Soo KIM                 KAPAR          sskim@kaist.ac.kr (delegate until 12/06)

Jungho Hwang                 KAPAR          hwangjh@yonsei.ac.kr (not delegate)

Wolfgang Kreyling           ISAM               kreyling@gsf.de (delegate)

Yoshio Otani                    JAAST            otani@t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp    (not delegate)

Martijn Schaap                DBAS             martijn.schaap@tno.nl (delegate)

Coen van Gulijk               DBAS             coen.vangulijk@tno.nl (delegate)

Aladar Czitrovszky          HAS/invited    czi@szfki.hu (not delegate)             

Gilmore Sem                   invited             gsem@tsi.com



1.        The minutes of the 2005 IARA Delegates Meeting were approved.

2.        No matters arose from the minutes.

3.        Report on finance:  On behalf of the Treasurer, Don Clark presented the current situation. IARA account is located in England. The balance is about $2500 deposited in dollar account. AAAR will pay $1000 after receiving a letter from President Wang.

4.        Report from the International Aerosol Fellow Award (IAFA) Committee: Committee chair Helmuth Horwath presented. The award is given every 2nd year and will be given this year for two winners.

5.        Report from the Fissan-Pui-TSI (FPT) International Collaboration Award Committee: Committee chair Kaarle Hämeri presented. The award is given for the first time and in future every 4 years in connection with the International Aerosol Conference. There were 4 nominations (collaborating pairs) and the award will be given for one winning pair. Chiu-Sen Wang thanked Gil Sem and TSI for the original donation.

6.        Discussion of the Fissan-Pui-TSI International Collaboration Award Bylaws and approval of the investment plan: a) Investment plan: Chiu-Sen Wang thanked Tony Wexler (former AAAR president) for investing the money through AAAR. The investment is done following the investment plan of AAAR. The investment plan was approved unanimously. b) Bylaws: Member associations have sent several suggestions for changes to the bylaws. These were collected to one document which was distributed for the delegates. The award will be given for the next time after 4 years and it was decided to postpone the discussion on changes to next IARA delegates meeting.  

7.        Report from the Fuchs Award Committee: Committee member Helmuth Horwath presented. The award will be given during the meeting.

8.        Report of the IARA Web Coordinator. Web-coordinator Chuen-Jinn Tsai presented. The www-site exists and was updated last year. It provides links to member associations and contains other material such as minutes, bylaws etc. Monthly rent is $11.30.

9.        Report of the IAC 2006 Co-Chairs: Presented by conference chairs Gil Sem and David Pui. Currently 1225 registered participants, 48 participants followed the History symposium, 470 registered for dinner, tutorials had an average of 40-45 participants/tutorial, Germany has 60 participants, Finland 59, and Japan 47 participants. US were represented by participants from 48 US states.

10.    Report of the IAC 2010. Presented by the conference chair Kaarle Hämeri: The preparations have started. The advisory committees will be formed and discussions with IAC 2006 organizers will be conducted.

11.    Report on other international conferences to be hosted by representative organizations. Tsai: Two conferences will be held in Taiwan. ISAM: conference in June 2007 in France. EAA conference in Saltzburg 2007. ICNAA conference in Galway, August 2007.

12.    Application for membership from Hungarian Aerosol Society (HAS). The application was presented by Aladar Czitrovszky. HAS was accepted unanimously as a member.

13.    Other business. International Aerosol Fellow Award committee asks for candidates for the committee (6 needed). This will be organized through member organizations. David Pui invited current presidents to come up to stage for the AAAR celebration during the conference.

14.    Election of Officers. New elected officers are: David Pui President, Kaarle Hämeri Vice-president, Mansoo Choi Secretary General, Alan Cussens Treasurer, Helmuth Horvath IAFA Chair. FPT award chair has still 3 years left.

15.    Dates and venues of the next two meetings. The meetings will be organized in connection with EAC in Saltzburg 2007 and AAAR annual meeting in Orlando 2008.



Minutes written by Kaarle Hämeri